Food for Thought


As this semester comes to an end for me, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to those of you that have continued to read my blog.  I will continue writing about the new and interesting things I am learning, but the frequency will likely slow down.  With the end in sight I also wanted to take this time to reflect on emerging media and some common themes we have discussed throughout the last nine weeks.

As a marketing professional, the new world of emerging media is exciting.  There is always something new to learn and there are constantly new ways to reach consumers and learn more about them.  Continue reading

Online Reviews-Could Yours Land You in Court?


One thing I love about the connected world we live in today is the availability of product and service reviews.  Before many purchases in product segments I do not often shop or before booking a vacation, I research…and then I research some more.  I check the reviews on the website where the product is being sold and then I use search engines to find other consumer reviews.  If most reviews are positive and I feel the product will be of value and quality I make the purchase.  If reviews are overwhelmingly bad, I move on.

This is one of the major advantages I have come to find with the internet and the quick accessibility of a plethora of information.  This kind of word of mouth can be a powerful tool for a brand.  It can also be a crippling tool when an angry consumer sounds off about their experience. Continue reading

Why Your Social Media Plan Isn’t Working


How many times have you heard or read “My social accounts don’t seem to do much unless I have ridiculous offers.”  Or how about “I have been on social media for years and it isn’t working.”

The idea of social media seems easy enough.  Create an account and connect with customers and potential customers.  Try to get as many likes as you possibly can and hopefully those loyal customers you have will share your page and offers with their friends and family, right?  Wrong! Continue reading

The Internet of Things: Which Side of the Digital Divide Will You be On?

The Internet of things market connected smart devices tag cloud

Many of us have heard of it, but we have yet to grasp exactly what the Internet of Things (IoT) is.  Forbes describes the IoT as the concept of connecting any device with an on/off switch to the internet.  These devices can also be connected to each other.  Imagine a scale in your bathroom that can connect to your refrigerator.  If the scale finds that you are over weight, your refrigerator will know and will suggest healthy recipes to help you lose weight.  Your watch may one day be able to warn you of serious health problems and concerns approaching.

Continue reading