Are You Really a Good Customer?

Social consumerThus far in my blog I have focused largely on marketing through a marketers point of view.  I figured it was time to turn the tables and talk about the most influential marketing team today–The Consumer, i.e. You.

Businesses today have a much larger marketing playing field than they did just ten years ago.  Many companies work extremely hard to get to know their customers on a more personal level and market to them accordingly through their preferred mediums in ways that interest them. social_media_marketing You, as the customer, have demanded we get to know you better and we have taken the necessary steps.  We are improving our communication skills on a daily basis and finding new ways to talk to you.  You are the focus of all our tweets, Facebook posts, Youtube videos, blog entries and Pinterest boards…It is all about you.

As a consumer in today’s marketplace, you are your own individual marketing team.  Followers and friends trust you and your opinions.  They will listen to the word of mouth marketing you discuss, good and bad.  Unfortunately, most of us only share our bad experiences…or at least more of the bad experiences over the exceptional.

So how can we be better consumers of our favorite brands that we are loyal to?  Be the marketer!  If you receive exceptional service, tag your favorite brand in a post and say thank you.  If you just love a new line your brand has just released, talk about it on social media.  Start a conversation with your brand and tell them not only your likes but your dislikes.

Have you ever wanted to be apart of creating something new or better?  Tell your brand about it.  Shopped at Lowe’s or Home Depot for small home improvements?  Share your before and after picture.  Brands love user generated content and it helps your favorite brands find out what is working and what is not.

More customers are demanding brands be more personal and interact with them.  They have listened.  Now it is time for us to be more interactive with our favorite brands and make the difference we want to see.

Tweet_Me_Icon_designSo let’s get started!  Let’s start the conversation.  Tweet me @bjonesie86 and tell me about your favorite brand or product.  Let’s see what our brands and products say in return!

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2 thoughts on “Are You Really a Good Customer?

  1. Bridget –

    Us consumers man. We are something else! You are right when saying the playing field is larger than it has ever been. This is so true and causing tons of work and research to be done on the businesses end to make their consumers happy! Getting to know them personally, their buying patters, habits, likes, dislikes and so many other traits that make up who they are from a marketing stand point. So yes, I will say marketers have done a great job of making it all about me and each and every one of us, but it is creating a world of me, which is very interesting. People now just expect content to be engaging and relevant to them and if it isn’t, well too bad, you have lost them.

    I like how you turn the tables on this one. It is true! Seems we are only compelled to take a survey or leave feedback when our experience wasn’t the best but I wonder would the brand reward me for leaving positive feedback? Really in turn nowadays people complain to see how much free stuff they can acquire but wouldn’t it be a nice change to see the consumer just taking 10 minutes out of their day to share their great experience in detail? Maybe you are onto a new revolution here!

    I am gonna take you up on your challenge and reach out to some of my favorite brands and see how that goes. I am not very active on Twitter personally but I should start improving on that. This is a great place to start! Follow me @KDBDesignLLC.. maybe I will start my Twitter game back up!

    Very motivational! I love it!

    – Kels


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