The Importance of Interactive Media in a New Marketing World

The world of marketing has seen a drastic change in the last decade.  Marketing and advertising was once restricted to television, radio, print and grassroots campaigns.  It was one company reaching out to millions with the same message.  Conversations were non-existent and so were deep-rooted relationships built off of loyalty and a sense of a community built around a brand.

Today, consumers have a plethora of different brands and vendors to choose from.  Loyalty is no longer built around the fact that you are the closest store that meets the needs of the consumer; the consumer can now shop elsewhere with the click of a single button.  Your prices can be compared, your company can be reviewed and you may find a once loyal customer has become a long-lost customer.  What can you do?  Learn to be social!

Today’s social media platform allows for companies across the world to interact and connect with consumers on a whole new level and build a one-to-one relationship through

communities centered around a brand, product or service.Social Media Infographic  Why is this important to your brand?  Because while you are not active on social media, there is another company like yours that is, that is focusing on your customers.  They are creating conversations, interest, user generated content and building relationships.

There is an art to properly marketing on social media.  It is not a place to throw offers at your consumers multiple times a day.  There is nothing worse than clicking your Facebook or Twitter icon and being bombarded by offers.  So what is the art?  Focus on building relationships.  Build a social media campaign the same way you would build upon a relationship in your personal life.  You will be rewarded with immediate response, a variety of new relationships, feedback and customer loyalty.

Still don’t believe me?  Check out the 2015 Socionomics video to discover the good and the bad “world of mouth” you are missing…

Over the next 9 weeks, I will be discussing emerging media in the marketplace and how marketers are using new technology and data to build relationships with consumers.  Please continue to follow me to learn more.

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